Monday, February 12, 2007

I am thinking on refactoring HSSniffer project

As our senior project, we built a network sniffer with my project teammate Suleyman Yanar, which is now published on CodeProject. But we coded it on VS.NET 2003 and there are some problems such as updating GUI controls from non-GUI threads. So if you execute it on VS.NET 2005 it crashes. There are some syncronization issues that must be handled.
I will make a bug-fixed code later on.
There is no chart about what's happening in our spagetti and there is no properly working executable so we do not get good feedbacks about it.
I am also looking forward to what an interesting thing it will be when I finished it.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

did you hear about "stumbleupon"

There is a web site I advise you to use. When I bored and there is nothing for googling [thank to that made us have the new word] in the internet stumbleupon succour to me.
This is another bookmarking site. Just try it. You will find it very enjoying.

If you are a user of firefox browser it's very easy to use it. Just download the plug in from firefox using built-in plug-in manager, restart browser and press Stumble button on the toolbar and enjoy yourself.

You will sign up for a new accout first.

here is mine : enables us access our bookmarks from everywhere

We bookmark the content that we find usefull and now make us access our bookmarks from everywhere. I suppose lots of you already know it.

I want to share my bookmarks with you. There is no much link but I liked all of them. If you are in software industry you will find usefull links there.

Monday, December 26, 2005

..hey hello..

Hi all,
I signed up to write some ideas about problems that I faced, share them and get feedbacks with them. But nothing encouraged me about writing since I signed up. This doesn't mean that there is no problem that I faced. I don't know why. But soon you will see some piece of writings of them.

So bye for now.